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How do I maintain my Soprano leather bag?

October 16, 2015

The answer is : Prevention is always better than Cure.                                   

Prevent your bag from getting dirty in the first place!

  1. keep lipstick, pens, or liquid contained
  2. do not rest your bag on any wet or dirty countertops
  3. never put your bag down on the floor (it's bad luck too)
  4. prolong exposure to direct sunlight is a NO NO

Simple cleaning:

  1. wipe down with a damp cloth, or use soft towel and diluted mild soap
  2. buff in a thin layer of water-based leather conditioner to restore the lustre
  3. store your bag in the dust bag when not in use

A simple life is often a beautiful life.  So keep things simple.  Use common sense.                 Your Soprano is meant to work for you, never the other way round.

If you have any doubt, contact the experts at www.sopranohandbags.com

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