January 20, 2016


What is usually the first thing you consider when you buy a new handbag?  Is it the style, the practicality, the colour, the trend, or simply because you just love it.  Do you find yourself often impartial to certain styles over the others?  

A handbag is a girl’s best friend, and the truth to the matter is, the bag you choose is often a reflection of your personality.  Check out these Soprano styles, are you one of them?

“CAITLYN” – The Doer – Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented.  Focus on immediate results.  Living in the here-and-now, risk-takers who live fast-paced lifestyles.  Loyal to their peers and has great people skills.

“ELAINE” – The Artist – Loyal, faithful, serious, sensitive and kind.  Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty.  Flexible and open-minded.  Likely to be original and creative.  Enjoy the present moment.

“SHARON” – The Performer – fun-loving and people lover.  Love new experiences and dislike theory.  Often the centre of attention in social situations.  Well-developed common sense and practical ability.

“CONNIE” – The Nurturer – Quiet, kind, and conscientious.  Can be depended and usually puts the needs of others above their own.  Stable and practical, value security and traditions.  Extremely perspective of other’s feelings.

 (Personality excerpts: High Level Description of the 16 Personality Types, BCM Consulting Inc.)

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