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Pantone Top 10 Fashion Colours for Fall 2017

October 02, 2017

Pantone Top 10 Fashion Colours for Fall 2017

No matter which way you look, you are bound to see these Fall fashion colours all around you. 
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Grenadine - Ivy, Lily, Dana, Elaine, Kassidy, Sharon
Tawny Port - Tamara, Kimberly, Jennifer
Ballet Slipper - Esther, Heidi
Butterum - Esther, Kimberly, Aliza
Navy Peony - Megan, Andrea, Ivy
Neutral Grey - Aliza, Bobbie, Eva
Shaded Spruce - Megan, Sharon
Golden Lime - Sage
Marina - Mia
Autumn Maple - Angela, Shirley




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