Lynette H.

May 28, 2013

I have been collecting Soprano bags for over 7 years now. I used to consider myself a handbag collector, but once I had a Soprano bag in my hands and saw the quality, I no longer collect bags. I collect Soprano bags! The leather Sylvia and her team use is top notch, always. The stitching is always tight and straight and the zippers never stick and are always sewn in with the utmost care.

Being a collector, I've seen lots of handbags and can honestly say Soprano bags are the best! The styles and colours are always on trend. If you want a beautiful piece of wearable art, pick up a Soprano. You won't be disappointed! I get compliments often when carrying a Soprano and my friends all know if I'm carrying it, it's a Soprano!

Sylvia and her team are the loveliest people I've met. They truly care about their customers and make sure you are completely happy with your new Soprano addition. I will always be a Soprano girl! 

Lynette H., Waterloo, ON
May 2013


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