Fundraising Day/Week Overview

Raising money for your organization is simple!  Just bring your friends and family, a flyer and shop at Soprano Handbags!   We will donate a portion of sales directly back to your organization.

Any non-profit organization can register for a Fundraising Event.  For example— schools, sports teams, booster clubs, scouts, church groups, charities, etc.

Upon confirmation of registration, each organization will receive a customized flyer.  A printed flyer or an electronic version of the flyer (phone or tablet) must be presented upon checking out.  It is encouraged that organizations promote the event and distribute flyers prior to the fundraiser.  Please note, flyers may not be passed out during the event, in or around the Soprano store.  The number of flyers received by Soprano Handbags determines the percentage donated.  Please see our donation scale below:

  • 1-19 flyers = 10%
  • 20-30 flyers = 15%
  • 31-49 flyers = 20%
  • 50+ flyers = 25%

Once your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a customized flyer just for your organization!