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Soprano Prestige Member Program Reward

To claim the following reward, please:

• login to your Soprano Prestige Member account
• click "Get Vouchers"
• pick the reward you like
• click "Request Voucher"
• check the “Accept” box, click “Confirm Request”
• for Soprano gift cards, a gift card code will display and be emailed to you; use the gift card code during checkout to reduce your payment
• for rewards other than Soprano gift cards, a voucher code will display and be emailed to you; follow the link on screen or in the email and use the voucher code as   discount code during checkout to purchase the reward for free


      Soprano $20 Gift Card 
      20 points

      Soprano $40 Gift Card 
      40 points

      Soprano $60 Gift Card 
      60 points

      Soprano $80 Gift Card 
      80 points

      Soprano $100 Gift Card 
      100 Points


      Esso $10 Gift Card x 2 
      40 Points


      PC $10 Gift Card x 2 
      40 Points


      $10 e-Tim Card x 2 
      40 Points

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      We reserve the right to make changes to the above without prior notice.

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