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Pepe Chili Cutter

Item #: KW-AH-PEPE Cutter

Price: $45.00

Color: Silver

Features and Benefits

The mill has a special cutting mechanism, which has been exclusively designed for the optimal grinding of dried chilies.Pepe is simply wonderful to handle. It is also characterized by its exceptional and elegant acrylic and stainless steel design.

  • Stainless steel and acrylic design
  • Chili cutter with clear storage container and aroma sealing bottom cap
  • Unique cutting device optimized for use with dry, hot chilies such as: Birds Tongue, African Devils, Piri Piri
  • Measures: Length 1.77", Height 8.07"
  • Material: stainless steel; acrylic
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty  

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