What is Nubuck leather and how to care for it?

What is Nubuck leather?

Nubuck leather is a highly special and desirable top grain cowhide leather, which is priced for its gorgeously tactile texture and beauty. The Nubuck leather that Soprano adopts is a top grain leather which has been sanded and buffed on the top to give its distinctive appearance and surface, and to achieve a soft, velvety surface texture and hand feel. 

However, due to the fact that Nubuck leather is buffed and sanded instead of finished with a protective coating, it is more vulnerable to wear, as well as staining and other potential blemishes. As a result, knowing how to care for Nubuck leather is vital should you wish to make the absolute most of this distinctly beautiful material, and help your Soprano bag last for as long as it should.


You can quickly and easily start protecting your Soprano Nubuck leather bag with an industrial quality waterproofing and stain-resistant spray, which should be available from all good leather goods stores, or online from Amazon. By applying two or three coats of a quality spray, and topping this up twice per year, you’ll be off to the best possible start.

Minor Scratches 

Apply a small quantity of leather cream on a clean, white cotton cloth.  Dab on the scratched area and lightly press.  Then gently rub in with circular motion.  The area will become darkened as the leather absorbs the cream.  Wipe excess cream off and leave to dry.  The colour should revert to normal afterwards.


The best way to clean Nubuck leather is with a specially made Nubuck cloth, which has Nubuck cleaner integrated in their fibres.  This should be available at the same store or online where you get the stain-resistant spray.  By gently rubbing your Soprano bag with a Nubuck cloth in circular motions, you should be able to keep it looking fresh and new.